New Technologies

Taking your learning to a new level by tackling every layer of the IT stack.

Creative Designs

Challenging scenarios drive creative results. Designs reflect interesting challenges in the industry.

Shared Ideas

The power of the community is shown here in every way as participants are put to the test and rise up together to the challenge.


Everyone can play along with the participants and join in the fun in exciting and creative ways.

The Challenges

From the ground up, we watch the ideation turn into live environments. As participants go from concept to deployment, the stakes get higher and the competition gets tougher.

The Making of Virtual Design Master

We pride ourselves on highlight the value that the community brings. This is our way to pay back to the contributions by everyone who supports technology communities around the world.

Meet the Winners

We have discovered amazing community talent among us, and are pleased to be able to bring them to our viewers. Meet the first four season's winners and find out all about them.


All of the designs and documentation from our challenges are shared online for others to use as reference.

Growing Community

We are pleased to see this community grow year after year thanks to great participants, viewers, and supporters.

View Live and Recorded Sessions

The entire event is broadcast live and available for viewing anytime and on any device.

Virtual Design Master by the Numbers

Nothing happens without work to drive it. This is what it takes to make a Virtual Design Master.

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  Minutes Watched Online
  Growing Audience
  Number of Countries Who Watch

Our team

Powered by Community. The creative team behind Virtual Design Master come to you from across nations and from every industry.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to all of our supporting sponsors who help to build this exciting community!

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